Walk Scotland’s Kiltwalk For Scottish Families This September!

How does your support make a difference to families in Scotland?

£13 could pay for an hour of staff support for our helpline, which receives around 200 contacts per month.

£18 could pay for a session of one to one support, giving families a place to speak and be heard.

£40 could pay for an hour of bereavement counselling supporting anyone who has lost a loved one to drugs or alcohol.

We are here when they need us, the only national charity in Scotland providing expert support for those affected by the consequences of someone else’s alcohol or drug use.

How can you get involved?

By walking Scotland’s Kiltwalk on the 26th September 2021!

You can choose to walk 3 miles or 16 miles.

A lot of work has gone into making the route Covid secure for everyone.

For every pound you raise the Hunter Foundation gives an extra 50%!

So every £10 becomes £15!

Sign up to be part of #TeamSFAD today – all donations, no matter how small, help us carry out our work and reach more families.

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