One to One Support

We offer two one to one support services – Telehealth and Holding On.

Our Telehealth service offers one to one support for anyone concerned about a loved one’s alcohol or drug use. Our Holding On service offers more intensive support where there are concerns about the risk of drug-related death.

How can I get in touch?

If you are seeking support, please contact our Helpline:

Call: 08080 10 10 11
Chat on the live help on our website
Or fill out a form here.

Our helpline advisers will listen to you and then, if appropriate, they will refer you to our family support team. The helpline adviser will take your name and phone number and the family support team will be the only people in our organisation who have your contact details.

What happens next?

Once our helpline advisor has referred you, a practitioner from our family support team will contact you to find out how we can best support you, as every family is different. In the first session, they will ask for some information about your situation and talk through the different ways they can offer support.

Our services generally offer weekly sessions, although this depends on your situation. We focus on the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) approach to family support. Our trained practitioners will explain and go through different topics each week such as boundaries, communication skills and self-care. If you feel CRAFT is not for you, we can look at other ways of supporting you.

The Telehealth service usually offers six to eight sessions and each session lasts an hour. Once you have completed your block of support, you are then encouraged to join our Telehealth virtual family support group to connect with other families. This group is facilitated by one of our team. If you feel you need one to one support again, no matter how many months or years after, you can get back in touch with us at any time. We offer support over the phone, video calls and the opportunity to connect with other families through our online family support group.

Our Holding On service offers a bespoke package of intensive support for the family, depending on their specific situation. Sessions are generally weekly and last around an hour per session. Sessions might include naloxone training, CRAFT, and specific training that suits the needs of the family. Focusing on self-care is an important part of the support. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other families through our Holding On virtual family support group.

Who are the practitioners?

Our practitioners are experienced in family support and are all trained in CRAFT techniques. They all come from different backgrounds and bring their own experiences of working with people in similar situations to your sessions.

What is CRAFT?

Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is an evidence-based approach that is used around the world to support families who are affected by a loved one’s alcohol or drug use. CRAFT teaches family members strategies for helping their loved ones to change and to feel better themselves. It encourages family members to change the way they interact with their loved ones in order to positively influence them to change and to focus on their own self-care.


We collect information about you when you use our Helpline or One to One Services. For full information on your privacy please read our Support Service Policy Notice.

‘Thanks again for today, it was a great help to talk to someone with experience of our problem. We both felt a little more at ease after speaking with you and we are both in agreement as to a way forward with this.’ (Husband and Wife Family Members)

‘I was unsure of what to expect and was very nervous but was quickly put at ease, the understanding, empathy and guidance which I was given has made me feel a much stronger and happier person and a lot more able to deal with the pressures within my life.’ (Family Member)

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